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Cat Training is Possible!

This website is for every cat owner who thought it was impossible to train a cat or is just looking for advice, hints and tips on training their cat or kitten.

We hope to provide every resource you may possibly need in the training of your cat.

Cat Training

OK, so you're never going to get a cat to play dead, or to rollover on command, but what you can do is teach them to do the simple things, like use the litter tray, or stop scratching the settee.

The important thing to remember when trying to train a cat, is that they are not humans, they do not understand English (or any other language for that matter!), they do however learn by repetition and experience. Feeding a meowing cat will only teach them that to get food, they simply have to meow. To teach a cat to not constantly meow, we need to show them that meowing does not achieve positive results.

The Basics of Cat Training

As much as you love your kitty, to teach them to behave in a manner you find acceptable, you will have to show them that alternative behaviour is not accpetable, this could take the form of spraying the cat in the face with a little water or shaking a tub of paperclips for example, to make a loud noise - I appreciate this may seem a little cruel to start with, but no harm will come to your cat and your cat will soon learn not to behave in a manner which causes these results.

Perhaps just as important as making a noise or spraying water in a cats face to teach a cat what not to do, we must also encourage the cat when it is behaving in a way we want it to.

The links on the right hand side of the page will take you to various different scenarios and habits, hopefully you will be able to find out how to train your cat the way in which you like.

We hope you find the information you are looking for, but around the site we also have links to various other resources such as books, training guides, training courses etc, buying anything by clicking through to these external sites, helps us keep this website going - thank you for your help.